Emmanuel H. Lyimo – Ph.D.

Emmanuel H. Lyimo is a Tanzanian Ecologist and Assistant Lecturer at the College of African Wildlife Management-Mweka. He was born and raised at the foot of Kilimanjaro Mountain, the highest and most beautiful mountain in Africa. Emmanuel has undergraduate training in Wildlife Management from the College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka and, a Master of Science degree in Applied Ecology from Inland University of Applied Science Norway. He has experience in wildlife ground and aerial surveys, ecological connectivity, freshwater ecology and human-wildlife conflicts. He also worked as an ecosystem manager at Tanganyika Planting Company, as an Instructor at the School for International Training (World Learning), and as a researcher at Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, marking 14 years of working experience in vast African Savannah ecosystems such as the Serengeti, Selous-Mikumi, Tarangire-Manyara, to mention a few.