Patricia Tomchuk – M.Sc.

About Patricia

Patricia joined the Mcloughlin lab in May 2016 as part of Saskatchewan’s Boreal Woodland Caribou Project. The Caribou Project is aimed at understanding caribou population dynamics and how they relate to predators. Patricia’s aspect of the project focuses on black bear and wolf habitat selection in the Saskatchewan Boreal Shield. Black bears have the potential to limit caribou numbers and distribution through caribou calf predation, and wolves can have similar impacts on adults. Working with several students on this project, Patricia is modelling black bear and wolf resource use using Resource Selection Functions, to gain an understanding of caribou-black bear spatial relationships during calving season. This information will be important in efforts to conserve boreal woodland caribou populations in Saskatchewan.

Prior to joining the lab, Patricia earned a BSc. (Honours) in Environmental Biology from the University of Saskatchewan and spent a couple years in various fields of work including northern plant ecology and water quality. Outside of science, Patricia loves exploring back-country trails with her pup and playing all sorts of sports.